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as with any family, many like to, or just do, collect a lot of junk...or ehem, treasures!, That stuff is not junk! throughout their lives. when family members are left with a daunting task of finding themselves in charge of an estate full of accumulated treasures there comes the question of do we donate, sell, toss or keep?

 I am willing to help with estate sales or cleaning out homes for family and friends for a small percentage fee of time and costs involved. family is always notified of any items that may have sentimental value and have first choice before a buy out or estate sale.

 Please message me at 5636506034 or sunnydays140@aol.com

 for me i love refinishing chairs and collecting books and vintage dishes in my spare time. if you love diy furniture projects here is a how to tip on reupholstering a chair.


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