Essary/Dockery family descendants

This is Jewel Dockery and Pervey Jinright.
Jewels parents are Loone and Dimple Docker.  
Loones parents are
Maranda Elizabeth Essary and Jasper Newton Dockery.

this is submitted by my newly found long distant cousin Tammy Walker Wolfe who messaged me the following...
I hope you get this. We are LONG distant cousins! Miranda Essary married Jasper Newton Dockery. So that makes them my great, great, great grandparents. --I have a picture of my grandma Jewel Dockery, and my mom, Janet Jinright. Jewel Dockery is the daughter of Dimple and Loone Dockery.

Great to meet you Tammy! :) even if it is through Facebook. Our Facebook Essary Family group is growing a little more each month. One day i hope to be able to link many Essary relatives there and here. Will take a very long time but we are accomplishing that one step at a time.

of course i replied back on Facebook with the following message and now Tammy is a new member of the Essary Family group as well as contributor to this blog page. :) Welcome to the family.

well then isnt that awesome! thank you for letting me know. i can add you to the essary family group too. and i have a page of family tree history called that you may enjoy. it links the prines and essarys where my moms side of the family got together. . and i traced essary lineage all the way back to the 14-1500s.and if you look at the boy in your pictures his eyebrows and look is very similar to my first cousin steph's son. and the older man in your pictures looks like a a few of the people from the family in the past. i can see the relation there already.


  1. My ex husband is a descendant of Jasper Newton Dockery His fathers name was Jack Dockery as is his. The elder Jack Dockery was the son of Dimple and Loone. Somewhere I have a lineage of their ancestors from where he researched it back to where one of the Dockery men came originally from near CharlotteNC(Mecklenburg County) which is close to where my family originated. I believe Dimple and Loone are buried in the Mt. Carmel graveyard in Cordova, AL as are several of their other children.

  2. Hi there. I would love to know more. My mom, Janet "Dockery" passed away March 13 of this year. She always wanted to go back to Cordova, to see her parents graves. Now that she is gone, I would like to carry that out for her.

  3. Many Dockery's are buried at Barney Mine's Cemetery near Cordova. There is a miner's memorial statue there mentioning several Dockerys. My line is Jasper Newton (which was Jack Daniel's given name as well) Dockery and Sidney. Many of this line are buried in the Fayette city cemetery.