my other blogpages and more links to my stuff this is a page.

this is a private group.

be sure to join them only if you are family! not worrry there are plenty more if you are not family listed below!


this here is a way to see a lot of my items for sale....and yes you can make an offer....there may possibly be high prices but am willing to help you get just the right item if you see something you really like.


yep i made several pages and groups by this name but so far it hasnt really taken off or possibly i havent advertised or used them anyways i think i like junk curator better...but this is a facebook page i created! hope you enjoy it.

at one point i thought i just might have opened my own little store in town...just couldnt see being stuck dragging myself away from home in pain since i often have severe pain everywhere..and is at many times very bad....where i would be stuck inside a store all day where it would most likely be dark and cold...and there would be no warm sunshine...

when you find a storefront that has a sunroof and lots of sunshine for me, and a big comfy couch to rest on the whole time the store is open each day with internet of course and room to paint chairs...well then i just may consider it a bit more strongly...for now though i have only painted a few chairs over the course of several summers...

and need to advertise quite a bit one point when i first started out painting chairs,

 i posted a cast iron chair and little table on DIY Networks Facebook page....and imagine all the comments and demand for that chair! sadly i had only one and had not figured anyone would even like it..

.since that time the painted chair concept has grown immensely and there are tons of artists out there...but i still am the only one who can paint my actual style of artwork on any chair.. be sure to contact me if you have any special requests for chair art. i can do it.!

oh for the love of chairs.....yes that is my saying and i say it a lot! when i am frustrated or even when i find awesome chairs...please share you beauties here too! my collection of chairs yes that is didn't read it over 200 and counting...where would one keep so many chairs you may wonder?? oh you would be surprised how many chairs will fit in one 3 story house. garage and storage shed etc...and yes they all have their own character. a fun page!

this was a great idea that really didnt go anywhere yet! but yep we did actually get a couple people together to help others a few times! and it was worth it. will keep trying in the future to find more willing volunteers.

my midwest pyrex enthusiast group....just for those in the midwest but others are welcome to join in the fun and share collections jokes memes or whatever you may want to share for the day.


am on instagram too~ Instagramstill learning instagram! be patient and it only really works if you have one of those new fangled fancy internet no worries about this if you don't have one...lots more below!

i had been finding mid century modern items and found that people really love them... so of course i made a group on Facebook for it...


great suitcase or luggage page to share your vintage luggage or find buyers for items you may have to sell.


great place to post vintage clothing collections for sale show or to find something to purchase.


great group to post lost found or stolen items in the area of quad cities iowa and illinois.


made this to help quad city iowa and illinois people find jobs....moving to the area soon? look for a quick job here or post a wanted job!


some inspirational fun quotes to keep us all inspired....yep i made it!


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