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I found a professional genealogist who said to me, take the mystery out of the search, there is usually a good explanation in finding ancestors. That genealogist is Robert Jerin who helped find a great grandmother's immigration and records to ellis island for me. That mystery is now solved on my father's side of the family. There is much more to that story but more on that later.

i am still finding lots of mysteries, road blocks and imagine lots of adventures travel and meeting many new distant relatives i never knew i even had before researching!
thanks for your help n.stevens on the following information...

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Hi Michelle,
Maybe I can give you jump-start on your Sobka family research.
Here is a link to the ship manifest for a Wanda “Czieselski” who arrived in New York (Ellis Island) on March 20, 1907 on board the S.S. Statendam. Her destination was 113 Albert Avenue in Newark NJ where she was going to join her brother Stanislaus.
Wanda was from “Kiewi” Russia/Poland.
Here is a link to the ship manifest for a Leon “Topka” who arrived in New York (Ellis Island) on October 21, 1905 on board the S.S. Barcelona. His destination was Van Buren Street in Newark NJ where he was going to join his brother-in-law Szczepan “Krzysiak”.
Leon was from Dzwierzno? Russia/Poland.
There is an annotation on the ship manifest that Leon applied for his citizenship papers in the U.S. Southern District of New York (which includes Newark) on or around 09-05-1939.
There are also WW I and WW II Draft Registration Cards for Leon. According to these documents, Leon was born on either August 5th or October 4th in 1879 in “Gwynno” Poland.
There are also 1910, 1920 and 1930 U.S. Census records for the Leon and Wanda Sobka (Sopka) family.
In 1910, the family is indexed on as “Lion Sopka” living at 9 Monroe Street in Newark Ward 4, Essex County, NJ (present-day zip code 07105).
In 1920, the family is indexed on as Leon Sobka living at 53 Chambers Street in Newark Ward 12, Essex County, NJ (present-day zip code 07105).
In 1930, the family is indexed on as Leon Sobka living at 380 Walnut Street in Newark, Essex County, NJ (present-day zip code 07105).
The family may have been members of the St. Casimir’s (Polish) R.C. Church Located at 91 Pulaski Street in Newark.
St. Casimir’s R.C. Church (Established in 1908)
164 Nichols St. One Pope John Paul II Plaza
Newark, NJ 07105
Good luck in your search.

one mystery is mindboggling and i again have messaged a professional Robert whom i find on ancestry/ helping many people solve family mysteries. I sure hope he can help with this one!
What stumps our family today and for the past several generations is on my mother's side of the family - Calvin M. Prine has no parents!
Legend has it that he was found in the woods as a baby, by the indian hunters which were part of my family which we are still trying to prove as well...and no one can seem to figure out who his parents were or where he really came from.

and then again what about all those files we can seem to find but not view without a paid membership? i am finding many records in many places free. i will be posting pictures and past war records and immigration records here soon!

another thing i am seeking is our family names on the indian rolls for proof of indian wondering if there are any funds available through a tribe affiliation where we can have our family dna tested...that would be exciting.



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  3. all reposted information as well as websites i have reposted are to record for my informational purposes and anyone utilizing the information here as well for their own research into the family history. i have also reposted info found here as a record of all the work and websites i have read and researched thus far into my quest for family ancestry and my heritage. an ongoing work and all info found on the information highway has been truly appreciated! thanks

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