prine tree starting with me

michelle jacobs. married, divorced and kept the last name, anderson. which makes me michelle jacobs-anderson.
4/18/1968. U.S.Army time served 6 years.

My daughter is Carly Paige Addington 11/27/91. Her father is Todd Addington. Her child is Evelyn Liliana Haigh jan. 19, 2010. who's father is alex haigh.
and my son is thomas kane anderson 12/24/1996. his father is christopher anthony songer.

my parents are Joseph J. Jacobs Jr. and Helen Cassandra Essary Jacobs. middle name cassandra...theres a story to how she got that but i have just heard it today and cannot remember it. i will post it soon..
my mom Helen as a newborn baby

Parents of Helen C. Essary Jacobs are Richard Essary and Beulah Prine Essary.
beulah prine essary and richard essary
beulah essary age 13

Parents of Beulah Prine Essary- Ercell Prine(should be spelled Ersell prine) 30 november 1900- 7dec 1949 Douglas, Missouri and Ellen Wilson 1904 Arkansas-1953 Ava, Douglas, Missouri.
 of course my grandmother beulah says her mom always told her "daddy is 5 yrs older than me" and he was born in 1900. which means her birth year would have been 1905, but the headstone says 1904. she still thinks the headstone date is wrong but whoever had it made must have used whatever info they had..she also filled me in on her dads bday. november 30th, 1900.

Ersell Prine. father of Beulah Essary.
Ersell Daniel Prine and Ellen Flossie Wilson Prine(beulah's parents) my great-grandparents.

Asa Wilson

beulah's grandma martha wilson, asa wilson's mom.

my grandma Beulah thinks this one looks the most like her, her grandma martha wilson.
martha wilsons husband is john "polecat" wilson

Google links found on John "PoleCat" Wilson

Parents of Ersell Prine - Jefferson Thomas 28 nov 1873 Missouri-3 March 1953 and Martha Ann Jennings Smallett, Douglas, Missouri 6 Jan 1880-5 April 1938
Beulah says Jeff's son told her "no, his name is Thomas Jefferson (which means ancestry had it wrong in many i thought it was jefferson thomas)but either way everyone called him Jeff.
in the picture of her grandparents jeff and martha were so poor that jeff made their screen door pictured behind them of chicken wire to keep the cats dogs and chickens out of the house. beulah stated "my grandma martha's oldest daughter sewed dresses for her mother(martha)" and that "grandma never wore-never had shoes"  and that they made their own sidewalk out of rocks.
(i just added a garden path around my deck made of these same kinds of rocks a month before adding this picture and hearing the story behind it so i thnk the rock story is pretty cool)

Parents of Martha Ann Jennings- William Daniel Jennings 1852-1938 Missouri and Mary Emmaline Evans 1854-1927


i found a Guion Roll with Mary E evans but not sure of the proof i need to prove indian heritage here
Beulah says daddys mother was indian and her mother was indian but there is no proof. everyone always told her while growing up in missouri and when asked what kind of indian she was to say black foot (because they all went without shoes. haha. so funny.)

Parents of William Daniel Jennings- Squire Jennings June1813-Kentucky- Missouri June 1885 and Jane Emmeline Pettit 4 July 1826 Kentucky - 4 May 1900 Ava, Douglas, Missouri.

on the Guion Indian Roll is a Jane Pettit. not sure what the Gdn. means after some of the names on the census. i have requested more information regarding that abbreviation. of course the census was done in 1900 so am not sure on how to verify if this could be the same jane pettit.
GDN=guardian is what we came up with. that makes sense.

Parents of Jefferson Thomas Prine- Calvin Margariate Prine 1 September 1824 Tennessee -1907 Arkansas City, Arkansas and Elizabeth J. Smith 1825 North Carolina -1890 Campbell, Douglas, Missouri

was calvin found in the woods? according to beulah and many others still searching for what really happened and how yes. that is the story. the prine's took him in or some other story could have happened to where the parents didnt want the truth known of their names.??? hmm.. more to come soon.

thank you Glenda for finding the following information. thank you to sharon kay prine also for sharing the documents with my grandma beulah essary who shared them with me....and so technically generations of prines through this family tree of calvin are "adopted Prine's" IF this is tru.... Thanks to the Prine family for dragging home that long lost little boy in the woods or I wouldn't be here today! or could it be something else entirely with a made up story?....

as told by Glenda:
Finally got on last night. Found the story of Calvin Maragarite in a file called CONWAY FAMILY...very interesting, and possibly the reason you can't go any farther back than that:

from the Conway family tree

"This is a story told by Alice E. Prine Conway. The Prine family was moving from TN to MO in the year of 1824. With the Prine family was John Prine and his bride to be Lydia. They would be married when they reached MO. The family was running low on supplies, they stopped to do some hunting.

A huge black cloud came up very fast. When it hit their wagons, it did a lot of damage to their wagons. They camped at that place to make repairs and do their hunting. Some of the men rode out to see if they could find any game to kill. They came upon a little boy all by himself. He was no more than a baby. He could not talk enough to tell them where he came from or his name. The men took him back to camp with them. They looked for his family for several days. They never found them. He was taken with the Prine family and given the name Calvin Maragrite.

Calvin would never say who his real family were. It is believed that he was raised by John and Lydia Prine as their own."

thanks Glenda for your research with this.... 

I found that John Prine was the son of Rowland S Prine b. 1752 in Missouri City, Fort Bend, TX and d. 2/7/1844 in Jackson, Missouri. Rowland married Sara Jane Borr and they had the following children:

Charity, Elias, Harold, Hepsaby, Robert, WIlliam M (1844), Francis (1803-1843), John, Mary, Daniel, WIlliam Martinand Ailsey E. Rowland also married Ethyl ? (b. 1891) and had 2 children (both listed as "Living", so no names shown).

Calvin Maragarite's birthdate given as 1/9/1824 in TN, d. 1907 Newport, Jackson Co., Arkansas. Married Elizabeth J. Smith, b. 1825, North Carolina, d 1890 in Campbell, Douglas, MO. (Assuming they just picked a date if they "found him in the woods")gp

Their children:

Francis (1857..d. 1860); Abraham b 2/4/1862 in TN, d 4/15/1928 in Ozark, MO; Elizabeth L, 1867 in IL, d. 1885, Douglas, MO; John Calvin, abt 1868-Douglas MO, d. 1917 Webster, MO; Jefferson Thomas/Thomas Jefferson b. 11/28/1873 in Mississippi, d. 3/3/1953 in Douglas Co. MO. I've seen him listed with both names on different family trees, so don't know where the discrepancy comes in, but you said it is Thomas Jefferson."(my grandma confirmed his son said thomas jefferson is correct and that everyone called him Jeff....m.a.)"

He is noted as married twice. Martha Ann Jennings and he had Ersell, 1900, Smallett, Douglas, MO, d. 12/7/1949 in COlumbia, Boone, MO; Glen Arvil, 1900, Rome, Douglas, MO d. 6/5/1934 Douglas, MO; Bina A. b. 1903 in MO; Emmett George b. 1/6/1904 in Smallett, d. 3/23/1999 in Yakima, Washington; Alma b 1906, d. 10/1974 in Yakima, WA; Jesse Elmer b 4/28/1911 in Smallett, d. 5/25/1969 in Squires, MO; Russel Thomas b. 7/28/1917 Smallett, d. 2/27/1996 Yakima, QA; Ovid Lester b. 8/2/1921 in Smallett, d. 2/13/2005 in Yakima, WA; Golda Madeline b 1922 in Smallett, d. 1953 in Springfield, Greene Co., MO; and one other child listed as "Living" which, I assume, was Beaulah???

Carolyn MeNaugh is the other wife listed for "Jefferson Thomas" (unless Jefferson Thomas and Thomas Jefferson were twins, as dates of birth, death, place, etc. are all the same.)

John Calvin married Hannah Essary and they had about ten children. I didn't make a copy of their family page, but can go back and get it when I need it. Once I get everyone in the right order, I will let you know and get more information from you about your family (dates, full names, etc.). Home ARC - Archival Research Catalog 2 results retrieved for enrollment mary e evans Description 1 of 2 Descriptions page: 12 Enrollment for Choctaw Census Card 4958 ARC Identifier 633726 Item from Record Group 75: Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1793 - 1999 Details Scope & Content Archived Copies Hierarchy This census card contains information about the following people: Effie Goodall (Choctaw. Age: 1. Sex: Female. Degree: 1/16. CC Card: 4958. Roll Number: NR. Post Office: Palmer); William Goodall (Choctaw. Age: 45. Sex: Male. Degree: 1/8. CC Card: 4958. Roll Number: NR. Post Office: Palmer); Mary E. Goodall (Choctaw. Sex: Female. CC Card: 4958); Mary E. Evans (Choctaw. Sex: Female. CC Card: 4958); Mary Goodall (Choctaw. Sex: Female. CC Card: 4958); Edward Evans (Choctaw. Sex: Male. CC Card: 4958); Charles Goodall (Choctaw. Sex: Male. CC Card: 4958); Willie M. Goodall (Choctaw. Age: 3. Sex: Male. Degree: 1/16. CC Card: 4958. Roll Number: NR. Post Office: Palmer); Annie Goodall (Choctaw. Age: 5. Sex: Female. Degree: 1/16. CC Card: 4958. Roll Number: NR. Post Office: Palmer); Maud F. Goodall (Choctaw. Age: 7. Sex: Female. Degree: 1/16. CC Card: 4958. Roll Number: NR. Post Office: Palmer); Rosa L. Goodall (Choctaw. Age: 10. Sex: Female. Degree: 1/16. CC Card: 4958. Roll Number: NR. Post Office: Palmer); Dixie Goodall (Choctaw. Age: 12. Sex: Male. Degree: 1/16. CC Card: 4958. Roll Number: NR. Post Office: Palmer); Elizabeth Goodall (Choctaw. Age: 39. Sex: Female. Degree: NR. CC Card: 4958. Roll Number: NR. Post Office: Palmer); Mary J. Goodall (Choctaw. Age: 15. Sex: Female. Degree: 1/16. CC Card: 4958. Roll Number: NR. Post Office: Palmer); Floy L. Goodall (Choctaw. Age: 1. Sex: Female. Degree: 1/16. CC Card: 4958. Roll Number: NR. Post Office: Palmer). Home The National Archives Experience could this be the same mary e. evans as shown in our family tree history?....





  4. these comments seem to have overlapped on my previous posts...

  5. Do you have any sources for where the story came from about Calvin M.? I'm a descendant of Calvin. Is it possible that census reports before 1840 didn't name parents? M. Prine - Oregon

    1. i listed a reply to this on the page here. hope it helps! thanks. michelle

  6. i do have a source of the story and where it came from. my grandmother beulah prine essary told the story she has heard growing up of her family history.and it is very possibly that census reports before 1840 didnt name the parents as we still have not found any further proof of records for him prior to the dates we already have shown. sort of a mystery eh? was he found in the woods? if so, who was his family and where were they. did they perish in a big storm? were they killed off in a battle? the big storm was told of that damaged wagons. did the prine family have an illegitimate child who was a prine and they simply told this story to cover that small fact up? so many possibilities...or is the story just a story to entrance youngsters within a family night of storytelling that was passed on from generation to generation...i believe dna testing is about the only way we can all prove our heritage and ancestry. there is a site called that is not so cheap but does link matching relatives within the family tree. that sounds like an exciting possibility that can either confirm history, solve mysteries, or even change the course of many people's recorded family trees!