interesting Prine Family Facts and Updates

this is from Gloria Prine whom i just connected with on Facebook. Gotta love that place for finding family tree branches....."My husband is the real Prine, I married into it but I always get excited because there are not too many Prine's where we live. My children are also Prine. Sirena Ann Prine (married name is Reyna) Gabriel Carl Prine & Sylvia Ruth Prine. We lost our oldest daughter Glenda Carol Prine to leukemia at the age of 3 in 1980. My husband & I have been married 40 years on June 1, 2014."


this is from Glenda Mcswain Prine from the family Prine group on Facebook....

Glenda McSwain Prine My Prine family tree is on under the name: Francis Prine, His Limbs and Branches. It is available for anyone doing research. You can get a temporary membership in Ancestry.Com on their website.

some more interesting facts....shared by Glenda as well.
Prine name was originally Perrin or Perrine and were from France (with a stop off at some time in island of Malta.
check Wikipedia for Daniel Perrin and also read about the Heugenots. Lots of interesting information. The were some pretty interesting people. I haven't gotten past France, but some of my husbands cousins are getting into DNA testing, so that will tell us a lot!

Thank you Glenda for all your dedication and work done!

thank you again for the wonderful organization and sharing of a big prine cousins family reunion!

Prine Cousins Reunion to be held JULY 19, 2014. Paul B Johnson State Park, HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI. all Prine family invited.
info i found about prineville, oregon and wondered if somehow i bet a prine must have started that post office.! 

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