Essary ancestors thru indians and royalty

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this page starts with me... 

my parents Helen c. Essary Jacobs and Joseph j. Jacobs Jr.

Helen c. Essary Jacobs parents - Richard Essary and Beulah Prine Essary 1922

Children of Richard Essary and Beulah Prine Essary-

 Helen C. Essary Jacobs, Thelma Essary Hoeppner, Richard Essary, and Harvey Essary

Helen C. Essary Jacobs-children-

1.michelle jacobs anderson her children are
   1. carly paige addington whose own children with alex              haigh are evelyn liliana haigh and owen haigh
    2. Michelle's son is thomas kane anderson.

2.joseph jacobs III his child is justin jacobs. 

3. jennifer jacobs brown her exhusband is scott brown their children are kaitlyn brown and zach brown.

sister of Helen Essary Jacobs is 
Thelma Essary Hoeppner whose children are valerie and stephanie.
 valerie and keith gerks children are hailey and cory.

stephanie and darryls children are dustin cody and hannah.

the brother of Helen Essary Jacobs is
Harvey Essary whose children are Melynda jeremy and harvey Jr.
melynda has 4 boys with last name moentenich.

jeremy two girls with mary sampson -victoria and allyson.
victoria just had her second child cade and first allison.

the second brother of Helen Essary Jacobs is
richard essary and wife kay deceased... children are richard essary III, Lorraine essary burke- her children are cody and amanda. and Amanda Essary who also has children.

Brother of Richard Essary SR, Beulah PRine Essarys husband, is - Harley David Essary married to Lena Ruby Reser.

the Child of Harley David Essary and Lena Ruby Reser- Betty Covert

(thank you Betty for providing that information!)

Parents of Richard Essary and Harley d Essary -James Leroy Essary 25 jan 1872 and Rachel Deckard 18 nov 1881

Parents of James Leroy Essary-Andrew Jackson Essary dec 1847 and Cassandra Deckard 3 may 1848

Parents of Andrew Jackson Essary - James l. Essary 12 May 1805 Buncombe, North Carolina and Martha e. McClain 13 April 1809

Parents of James l. Essary - James L. Essary 1779 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-31 may 1856 Lawrence, Tennessee and Elizabeth Charles 1770 Rowen, orth Carolina-1845-Lewisburg, Marshall, Tennessee.

Parents of James L. Essary- James Thomas Essary 1755 Lynchburg, Lunenburg, Virginia-1820 Kingston, Roane, Tennessee and Elizabeth McDaniel

parents of Elizabeth McDaniel - William David McDaniel 1716, Cherokee, Washington, Tennessee to 1752 Cherokee, Alabama and Sookie Hooper1730 chota, Cherokee, north Carolina-1820cherokee, Washington, Tennessee

Parents of sookie hooper - ka na fire1690-1760 Cherokee, Washington, Tennessee and Su Gi Sookie Sooky Wolf Clan 1690, chota, Tennessee-1735 Cherokee, North Carolina

parents of ka na fire- amatoya moytoy 1660-Cherokee Nat east tn, 1730 Cherokee, Washington, Tennessee and Betsy qua tsy 1660

parents of amatoya moytoy- Thomas pasmere carpenter 1607 England-1675 running water village, Tennessee and Elizabeth pride chalakatha Shawnee carpenter 1615 Cherokee, Washington, Tennessee-1679 running water village, Washington, Tennessee

parents of Thomas pasmere carpenter-Robert carpenter 1578 Plymouth,Devon, England -1 DEC 1651 Devon, England and Susan pasmere Jeffrey 1579-1651 Plymouth, Devon, England

parents of Robert carpenter- Thomas carpenter 29 october1549-1622 barnstaple, Devon, England and Anne stroud 1550-1623

parents of Thomas carpenter-john carpenter 1525-1588 barnstaple, Devon, England and Elizabeth woods, 1530maiden, surrey, England-1600wiltshire, England

parents of Elizabeth woods-Alexander woods1480-1550 England and Anne st. leger 1483 of Kent, England -1550

parents of Alexander woods- Richard woods and Emma bear

parents of Anne st. leger- Bartholomew st. leger 1442-1516 ulcombe, England and Blanche bourchier 1440-1483 England

parents of Blanche bourchier-Thomasine hankeford1423-1453 and William baron Fitz-warin bourchier 1412-1471

parents of Bartholomew st. leger- john st. leger and Margery Donnet of Kent, England 1400

parents of john st. leger - sir Arnold st. leger1352 Kent, England and Joan deluxembourg - Joan cherleton

parents of sir Arnold saint leger-sir ralph saint leger1326-1359 ulcomb, Kent, England and Joan savage 1332 staffordshire, England-4 April 1359 ulcombe, Kent, England

parent of Joan savage- sir Robert savage 1302-1368 cheshire, England

info found on for deckard history and revolutionary war soldiers

1. Jacob 4004 DECKARD was born in 1757 in Metz, Lorraine, France.1 He died in 1842 in Monroe County, Ind.1 Percey E. Deckard advised that: He was on active Duty as Private in American Revolutionary Army as shown by following:----War Department at Washington, D. C., states under date of 5-23-1921 "the reords of this office show that one Jacob Deckard (surname not born as Deckard, rank not stated served in the Revolutionary War as a soldier of Va. Inf., organizaton not shown. His name appears in book under the heading "A list of State Soldiers & Seamen who have received certificates for the balance of their full pay, agreeable to Act of Assembly passed November Session 1781" which shows that on 7-30-1874 the sum of 21 pounds 9 shillings & 4 pence was drawn by one, Mr. Broadhead." Report No. 8 at Richmond in Va. State Library of Revolutionary Soldiers of Va. shows Jacob Deckard on Active Duty. List of Virginia Revbolutionary Soldiers by H. J. Eckenrode, Archives of Va. State Library from all state records and other records, except those held by Federal Government, in 1912 contains his name as follows:--- I. Jacob Deckard. Auditors Account Book (this is a series of volumes containing records of sums paid Revolutionary Soldiers and in many cases the servcies rendered is mentioned), Vol. XXII, p. 315; I.P. D.--10 (Illinois Papers. A collections of loose manuscript pay rolls of militia and regulars in the Illinois Dep't which was engaged in defense of Western frontier). II. Jacob Decker. Journal of the House of Delegates during 1833-34 in Docket XXXII, p. 14; I.P.D.--21. III. Jacob Decker, Dekar, and Dicker. In M. S. list of militia. IV. Jacob Dichard. In M. S. Volv & LX bearing on the military establishment of the state during and
after the Revoluntion. No other names of persons by surnames of Deckard or similar
name occur in this record except Nicholas Decker or Dickert and Samuel Decker. His Great-grand-daughter, Martha Marie Deckard Boatright (see 4123), was granted membership, No. 195379 on 12-6-1923 in The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Fort Earley Chapter at Cordele, Ga. r.-Wythe Co., Va. from 1775-76 to about 1830-32 when he moved with all his children to Monroe Co., Ind., where he resided until his death. Census records of Wythe Co, show him as head of family as follows:--1820 as Jacob Deckert, Sr., 45 yrs. & upward, with 2 w. males 10 yrs., 2 w. females between 10 & 16 yrs., 1 w. female 45 yrs & upward (wife), and 2 engaged in Agriculture. 1830 as Jacob Deckerd between 20 & 30 yrs., 1 w. female between 15 & 20 yrs., and 1 w. female between 40 & 60 yrs. No Deckard in Wythe co. in 1840 Census. Recorder of Deeds Office of Wythe Co. in B.-VIII, p. 2221, shows Jacob Deckert gave a Deed on 2-13-1821. B.-X, p. 709, shows Jacob Deckard and his wife, Elizabeth (possibly Mary Elizabeth or he was married twice and his first wife, Mary, was then dead), together with their son, Henry Deckard (see 4009), and his wife, Elizabeth, of Wythe Co, sold a tract of 85 acres of land in that County on 5-31-1828. Also B.-IX, p. 633, shows Jacob Deckard gave a Deed to his son Henry on 8-28-1824. Also B. XII, p. 147, shows "Jacob Deckard & wife, Elizabeth" gave deed dated 9-30-1831. There are no other records of
persons by name of Deckard or similar name in Court House of Wythe Co. besides those mentioned here or elsewhere in this book except Levi Decker with his wife Jane as Grantor of Deed on 8-30-1820, Grantee of Deed on 8-30-1820, and Grantee of Deeds on 6-9-1819 and 1-16-1821 as per B.-VIII, pages 28, 124 & 205.

He was married to Mary 4004 VANCE in 1780 in Botetourt County, Va.1 Jacob 4004 DECKARD and Mary 4004 VANCE had the following children:

+2 i. Michael 4005 DECKARD.
+3 ii. Mary 4006 DECKARD.
+4 iii. Jacob Jr 4007 DECKARD.
+5 iv. John 4008 DECKARD.
+6 v. Henry 4009 DECKARD.
+7 vi. William 4010 DECKARD.
+8 vii. Daniel 4011 DECKARD.
+9 viii. Sallie (Sarah) 4012 DECKARD.
+10 ix. Adam 4013 DECKARD.
+11 x. Jesse Wesley 4014 DECKARD.
+12 xi. Catherine 4015 DECKARD.


2. Michael 4005 DECKARD was born in 1781 in Wytheville, Va.1 He died on 1 Mar 1839 in near Smithville, Lawrence Co, Ind. Percy Deckard advised that he was a farmer and Miller. He was in the War of 1812. He had a cousin by name of Michael Deckard or Decker who settled in Tennessee, as per his son Michael 4022. He resided near Smithville, Lawrence County, Indiana.

He was married to Christena HILDENBORG (daughter of John HILDENBORG ) on 29 Sep 1814.1,2 Christena HILDENBORG was born in 1789. She died on 18 Oct 1872 in Monroe County, Ind. Percy Deckard advised that her father, John Hildenborg, was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1756 and died in 1855. Her father came to America in 1776 and spent the next 7 years in the American Revolutionary Army according to his Grandson, Michael Deckard, Jr. 4022. She had 6 sisters and 3 brothers. Her sister Sallie married Jacob Deckard, Jr. 4007.
Christena lived in Clear Creek Township, Monroe County, Indiana in the 1850 U. S. Census and in Cass Township, Sullivan County, Indiana in 1860-70 U. S. Census as a widow. Michael 4005 DECKARD and Christena HILDENBORG had the following children:

+13 i. David 4016 DECKARD.
+14 ii. John Wesley 4017 DECKARD.
+15 iii. Isaac 4018 DECKARD.
16 iv. Joseph 4019 DECKARD was born about 1825 in Wythe County, Va.1
+17 v. Elizabeth 4020 DECKARD.
+18 vi. Mary J 4021 DECKARD.
+19 vii. Michael Jr 4022 DECKARD.
+20 viii. Julia Ann 4023 DECKARD.
+21 ix. Allen 4024 DECKARD.
+22 x. Adam 4025 DECKARD.

3. Mary 4006 DECKARD died about 1845 in Lawrence County, Ind. She was born in Wytheville, Wythe Co, Va. She was a common law wife of Jackob Wampler. She resided in Marshall Township, Lawrence County, Ind. She resided Marshall Township, Lawrence County, Indiana.

Mary 4006 DECKARD and Jacob 4006 WAMPLER had the following children:

+23 i. James 4026 DECKARD.
+24 ii. William 4027 DECKARD.
25 iii. Ephriam 4028 DECKARD was born on 12 Oct 1832 in Lawrence County, Ind.1
+26 iv. Julia Ann 4029 DECKARD.
27 v. Jospeh 4030 DECKARD was born in Lawrence County, Ind.1

4. Jacob Jr 4007 DECKARD was born in 1791 in Wytheville, Va.1,3 He died on 24 Jun 1878 in Smithville, Monroe Co, Ind.1,3 Percy Deckard advised that he was a farmer. He was head of the family in U S Census of Wythe County, Virginia with one white male under 10 years in 1820. Also in 1830 with family of 2 white males under 5 years; one white male between five and ten years; and 2 white females between 20 and 30 years. He appears in the Clear Creek Township, Monroe County, Indiana, in the 1850 & 1860 U S Census. Laconda Hays Haine advised that Jacob Jr made his own bricks in a homemade kiln, with which he built a brick house southeast of Smithville, Ind. The house stood many years.

He was married to Sallie 4007 HILDENBORG (daughter of John HILDENBORG ) on 8 May 1817 in Va.1,3 Sallie 4007 HILDENBORG was born about 1800 in Va.1,3 She died about 1833 in Clear Creek Twp, Monroe Co, Ind.3,1 She was buried in Clear Creek Twp, Monroe Co, Ind.3 Percy Deckard advised that the Recorder of Deeds Office of Wythe County, Va, shows "Jackob Deckeret, Jr. & Sally" gave deed dated 9-9-1822 as per Book 9, page 270. Jacob Jr 4007 DECKARD and Sallie 4007 HILDENBORG had the following children:

+28 i. Hezekiah 4031 DECKARD.
+29 ii. Andrew 4032 DECKARD.
+30 iii. Malinda 4033 DECKARD.
+31 iv. Adam 4034 DECKARD.
+32 v. Elizabeth 4035 DECKARD.
+33 vi. Feltia(y) V 4036 DECKARD.
+34 vii. Mary F 4037 DECKARD.

He was married to Gemima 4007 ETTER in Smithville, Monroe Co, Ind.1,3 Gemima 4007 ETTER was born about 1806 in Va. She died on 7 May 1887 in Monroe County, Ind. She was buried in Smithville Cem, Monroe Co, Ind. Percy Jacob Jr 4007 DECKARD and Gemima 4007 ETTER had the following children:

+35 i. Amanda 4038 DECKARD.
+36 ii. Jefferson 4039 DECKARD.
37 iii. Harrison 4040 DECKARD was born on 26 Apr 1843 in Monroe County, Ind. He died on 1 Dec 1863 in In the Union Army during the Civil War.. He died in the Union Army in the Civil War. Percy Deckard advised that he never married.
+38 iv. Nancy Jane 4041 DECKARD.

5. John 4008 DECKARD was born about 1794 in Wytheville, Va.1,3,4 He died about 1869 in at Allen's Creek, Polk Twp, Monroe Co, In.1,3,4 Percy Deckard advised that he resided in Polk Township, Monroe County, Indiana in 1850 U. S. Census. Recorder of Deeds of Wythe County, Virginia shows "John Deckard" gave Bond for Constable in 2nd Battalion of 135th Regiment of Virginia Militia on 6-14-1821 as per Book 10, page 120.

He was married to Catherine 4008 HILDONBORG (daughter of John HILDONBORG ).1 Catherine 4008 HILDONBORG was born in 1796 in Va.3,1,4 John 4008 DECKARD and Catherine 4008 HILDONBORG had the following children:

+39 i. Peter 4042 DECKARD.
+40 ii. Catherine Ann 4043 DECKARD.
+41 iii. Martin 4044 DECKARD.
+42 iv. Elizabeth 4045 DECKARD.
43 v. Amelia 4046 DECKARD was born about 1827 in Wythe Co, Va.
+44 vi. John Wesley 4047 DECKARD.
+45 vii. Sampson Sr 4048 DECKARD.
+46 viii. King Anthony 4049 DECKARD.

6. Henry 4009 DECKARD was born in Jul 1795 in Wytheville, Va.1 He died on 15 Dec 1879 in Near Wahington, Daviess Co, Ind.1 Genealogy of Deckard Family by Percy Deckard 1932, advised that he was a farmer and resided in Clear Creek Township, Monroe County, Indiana in 1850 and in Polk Township in 1860-1870 U. S. Census. Recorder of Deeds Office of Wythe Co, Va. show "Henry Deckert and wife Betsy et al" as Grantor of Deed dated 5-31-1828 as per Book 10, page 708; "Henry Deckard and wife Elizabeth" as Grantor of Deed datd 5-15 -1828 as per Book 11, page 117; and "Henry Deckard & Betsy" as Grantor of Deed dated 9-25-1830 per per
Book 11, page 617.

He was married to Elizabeth ETTER.1 Elizabeth ETTER was born in 1811 in Va.1 She died about 1870 in near Washington, Daviess Co, Ind.1 Henry 4009 DECKARD and Elizabeth ETTER had the following children:

+47 i. David 4050 DECKARD.
+48 ii. John 4051 DECKARD.
+49 iii. Mahala 4052 DECKARD.
+50 iv. Rebecca 4053 DECKARD.
+51 v. Thomas 4054 DECKARD.
52 vi. Stephen 4055 DECKARD died in 1862 in Smithville, Monroe Co, Ind. He was born on 8 Jul 1938 in Smithville, Monroe Co, Ind. Percy Deckard advised that he was a farmer, resided near Smithville in
Polk Twownship, Monroe County, Indiana and that he never married.
+53 vii. Malinda 4056 DECKARD.
+54 viii. Henry Green 4057 DECKARD.

7. William 4010 DECKARD was born about 1799 in Wytheville, Va.1 Percy Deckard advised that he was a farmer, moved from Virginia to Indiana in about 1830, then to Wright County, Missouri in about 1841 and in Pease, Laclede County, Colorado in 1850 U S Census; and 1860-70-80 U S Census in Union Township, Webster County, Missouri.

He was married to Elizabeth Emeline 4010 HILDONBORG in Va.1 Elizabeth Emeline 4010 HILDONBORG was born about 1815 in Va.1 William 4010 DECKARD and Elizabeth Emeline 4010 HILDONBORG had the following children:

+55 i. Sophia 4058 DECKARD.
+56 ii. John Wesley 4059 DECKARD.
+57 iii. Polly 4060 DECKARD.
58 iv. Elias 4061 DECKARD was born about 1839 in Indiana. Percy Deckard advised that he died in Infancy.
59 v. Betty Ann 4062 DECKARD was born about 1840 in Indiana. Percy Deckard advised that she died in Infancy.
+60 vi. William Jr DECKARD.
+61 vii. George Washington 4064 DECKARD.
62 viii. Margaret 4065 DECKARD was born about 1844 in Wright County, Mo. She died about 1846 in Wright County, Mo.
+63 ix. Malinda 4066 DECKARD.
+64 x. Henry Green 4067 DECKARD.

8. Daniel 4011 DECKARD was born about 1801 in Wythevill, Va.1 He died on 1 Sep 1882 in Ellettsville, Monroe Co, Ind.1 Percy Deckard advised U S Census shows him head of family with one white male in Wythe County, Virginia in 1830 and as aFarmer in Monroe County, Indiana in 1850 withwife, Elizabeth. Recorder of Deeds Office in Wythe County, Virginia, shows Deeds dated 10 15 1857 and 11 11 1857 given by Daniel Deckard where in it appears that he and his wife were then residing in Monroe County, Indiana and that she was the daughter of Molly and Jacob Wampler, Sr. Also that her mother Molly, was the daughter of John King of Wythe County, Virginia.

He was married to Elizabeth 4011 WAMPLER (daughter of Jacob WAMPLER and Molly KING ).1 Elizabeth 4011 WAMPLER died in Aug 1853 in Monroe County, Ind.1 Daniel 4011 DECKARD and Elizabeth 4011 WAMPLER had the following children:

65 i. Joseph 4068 DECKARD was born on 24 Sep 1824 in Wythesville, Va. He died on 6 Sep 1850 in Monroe County, Ind.

9. Sallie (Sarah) 4012 DECKARD was born about 1807 in Wytheville, Va..1 Percy Deckard advised that she resided in Flinn Township, near Guthrie, Lawrence County, Indiana, as widow Sarah Deckert in 1850 U S Census.

Percy Deckard advised that Mr. Arney was her common law husband. Sallie (Sarah) 4012 DECKARD and Mr 4012 ARNEY had the following children:

+66 i. Sophia 4070 DECKARD.
67 ii. John E (Deckard) 4069 ARNEY was born about 1826 in Va.
+68 iii. Martin 4071 DECKARD.
+69 iv. Wesley 4072 DECKARD.
+70 v. Rebecca 4073 DECKARD.

10. Adam 4013 DECKARD was born in 1808 in Wytheville, Va.1,5 He died on 21 Mar 1881 in Near Bedford, Lawrence Co, Ind.1 Percy Deckard advised that he was a farmer, that he moved from Wytheville, Virginia about 1831 to Lawrence County, Indiana. Pleasant Run Township, Lawrence County in 1850 and Marshall Township, Lawrence County, Indiana in 1860-70 Census..

He was married to Sarah 4013 STUART (daughter of John 105 STUART and Mary MILLER ).1 Sarah 4013 STUART was born in 1813 in Kentucky.1,6 The daughter of John and Mary Miller Stuart. Adam 4013 DECKARD and Sarah 4013 STUART had the following children:

+71 i. Mary 4074 DECKARD.
+72 ii. Ailie (Alice) 4075 DECKARD.
+73 iii. Austin 4076 DECKARD.
+74 iv. Melissa 4077 DECKARD.
+75 v. Nancy 4078 DECKARD.
76 vi. Elizabeth 4079 DECKARD was born in 1841 in near Guthrie, Ind.
+77 vii. Jesse 4080 DECKARD.
78 viii. Adam Twin 4081 DECKARD was born in 1845 in near Guthrie, Lawrence Co, Ind.
+79 ix. Eve Twin 4082 DECKARD.
+80 x. Eliza 4083 DECKARD.
81 xi. Margaret 4084 DECKARD was born in 1848 in near Guthrie, Lawrence Co, Ind..
82 xii. Sarah DECKARD was born on 7 May 1851 in near Guthrie, Lawrence Co, Ind.
+83 xiii. Abraham 4086 DECKARD.
+84 xiv. Polly A 4087 DECKARD.
+85 xv. Kate 4088 DECKARD.
+86 xvi. Isaac 4089 DECKARD.

11. Jesse Wesley 4014 DECKARD was born about 1809 in Wytheville, Va.1 He died on 23 Nov 1886 in Niangua, Mo.1 Percy Deckard advised that the Recorder of Deeds Office of Wythe Co, Va., shows "Jesse and Sarry Deckard et al" as Grantor of Deed dated 3-10-1834 as per Book 12 p 573, in which Jesse Deckard and his wife, Sarah E Kinser, appear as heirs of the estate of her father, Jacob Kinser, of Wythe County and stating that said Jesse Deckard then resided in Monroe Co, Ind. He moved to Missouri soon thereafter about 1840 locating in Wright County but before 1860 U. S. Census moved to Union Township, Webster County,
Missouri. Jesse was a farmer.

He was married to Sarah E 4014 KINSER (daughter of Jacob KINSER ).1 Sarah E 4014 KINSER was born about 1812 in Va.1 She died about 1888.1 Jesse Wesley 4014 DECKARD and Sarah E 4014 KINSER had the following children:

+87 i. Ephriam 4090 DECKARD.
+88 ii. Anna 4091 DECKARD.
+89 iii. Amanda 4092 DECKARD.
+90 iv. Jacob 4093 DECKARD.
+91 v. Phoeba 4094 DECKARD.
+92 vi. Nancy 4095 DECKARD.
93 vii. Sarah E 4096 DECKARD was born about 1842 in Ind. Percy Deckard advised that she was born about three months before her
father moved to Missouri, she had 10 children. She died in 1923 in near Phillipsburg, Mo. Percy Deckard advised that she was born about 3 months before her father
came to Missouri, she had 10 children.
+94 viii. William Albert 4097 DECKARD.
+95 ix. Kassandry 4098 DECKARD.
96 x. Caroline 4099 DECKARD was born about 1849 in Near Niangua, Mo. She died about 1851 in Webster County, Mo.
97 xi. Paulina West 4100 DECKARD was born in Jun 1850 in Near Niangua, Mo. She died in 1921 in Taney County, Mo. She died in the Fall. Percy Deckard advised that she had 3 children.
98 xii. Jessie 4101 DECKARD was born about 1851 in Near Niangua, Mo. She died about 1856 in at Niangua, Mo.
+99 xiii. Mary Ann 4102 DECKARD.

12. Catherine 4015 DECKARD was born about 1815 in Wytheville, Va.1 She died in Marshfield, Mo.1 Percy Deckard advised that she was the Common Law wife of David Finley, she resided at Marshfield, Indiana.

Catherine 4015 DECKARD and David 4015 FINDLEY had the following children:

100 i. Sylvester 4103 DECKARD was born on 15 Mar 1834 in Ind.
101 ii. Lucinda 4104 DECKARD was born about 1848 in Marshfield, Mo. as found on
 the 69 pages of Deckard information is such a small part of Deckard genealogy. If you can get a copy of Dr. Percy Edward Deckard's book on genealogy of the Deckard family, I think your family will be found in it....also posted on i have not yet found the book



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    Rachiel Deckard Pedigree
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    Birth: 18 NOV 1881 , , Missouri

    Death: 28 MAY 1965


    Spouse: James Leroy Essary Family

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    Rachiel DECKARD Compact Disc #70 Pin #978082 Pedigree
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    Birth: 18 Nov 1881

    Death: 28 May 1965





    Spouse: James Leroy ESSARY Disc #70 Pin #977720


    Notes and Sources
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    Judy YOUNG
    Missouri, 64040, United States of America


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  4. Name: James Essay
    Residence: Washington, Webster, Missouri
    Birthdate: 1872
    Birthplace: Missouri, United States
    Relationship to Head: Son
    Spouse's Name:
    Spouse's Birthplace:
    Father's Name: A. J. Essay
    Father's Birthplace: Virginia, United States
    Mother's Name: Casander Essay
    Mother's Birthplace: Tennessee, United States
    Race or Color (Expanded): White
    Ethnicity (Standardized): American
    Gender: Male
    Martial Status: Single
    Age (Expanded): 8 years
    NARA Film Number: T9-0740
    Page: 246
    Page Character: B
    Entry Number: 63
    Film number: 1254740
    Collection: United States Census, 1880

  5. these just look spelled wrong. if the spelling is so different in actual recorded documents it could explain many mysteries as to why we cannot find relatives or documents. keep trying.~!

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    1. Rachiel Deckard - International Genealogical Index - North America
    Gender: Female Birth: 18 NOV 1881 , , Missouri Death: 28 MAY 1965 [Remove]
    2. James L. Essary - International Genealogical Index - North America
    Gender: Male Birth: About 1805 , , Tennessee [Remove]
    3. James L. Essary - International Genealogical Index - North America
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    1. Thank you for listing this. I am descended from Catharine McDaniel, daughter of William David McDaniel 1716, Cherokee, Washington, Tennessee to 1752 Cherokee, Alabama and Sookie Hooper1730 chota, Cherokee, north Carolina-1820cherokee, Washington, Tennessee. I have been looking for more information on the McDaniel line. Amazing that this goes back to the 14th century. Thanks!

    2. so am I I come from the lambert family . and NACY RAPER was Catherine Mcdaniel daughter . cath married a THOMAS RAPER , and they had Nacy . and nacy married HUGH LAMBERT and they had my greatgrand father . Samuil lambert . and they had my great grand mother Nannie lambert . and so on . I am on ansetry I think I spelled that right .I have some pic you can see so good luck ok

    3. you did not add your name. if you would like a page just for your section of family please get back to me and i will add a page just for this information you are also welcome to send any old photo you may have or more to share here. i can be reached at :) thanks!

  6. did a search of the Daughters of the American Revolution. the following shows ancestors(my great-great grandparents) listed as from a member of the Revolutionary war. I will be posting information soon to sign up the Essary family daughters and descendants of Cassandra Deckard and Andrew Jackson essary already shown in the genealogical research on the website.

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    Member: -- Name Restricted -- Nat'l #: 776829 Ancestor #: A065446


    -- Generation Restricted --


    -- Generation Restricted --


    -- Generation Restricted --


    The Said -- Name Restricted -- was the child of
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    John Wesley Essary born on 4 - Oct - 1873 at MO

    died at Abilene Taylor Co TX on 14 - Jul - 1960 and his ( 1st ) wife

    Mintie May Thomas born on 2 - May - 1882 at IT

    died at Hamlin Jones Co TX on 9 - Aug - 1921 married on - - 1899


    The Said John Wesley Essary was the child of
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    Andrew Jackson Essary born on 23 - Dec - 1846 at TN

    died at Wapello Co IA on 23 - Oct - 1928 and his ( 2nd ) wife

    Cassandra Deckard born on 3 - May - 1848 at Laclede Co MO

    died at Springfield Greene Co MO on 22 - Dec - 1936 married on 4 - Mar - 1867

    married at Laclede Co MO


    The Said Cassandra Deckard was the child of
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    Search All: Deckard, J
    Search All: Deckard, Jesse
    Search All: Kinser
    Search All: Kinser, S
    Search All: Kinser, Sarah

    Jesse W Deckard born on (c) - - 1810 at VA

    died at Webster Co MO on 23 - Nov - 1887 and his ( 1st ) wife

    Sarah E Kinser born on (c) - - 1810 at VA

    died at Webster Co MO on 15 - Jan - 1889 married on 19 - Jan - 1832

    married at Monroe Co IN


    The Said Sarah E Kinser was the child of
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    Jacob Kinser born on (c) - - 1784 at VA

    died at Wythe Co VA on (a) 11 - Dec - 1810 and his ( 1st ) wife

    Anna Kinser born on (c) - - 1787 at VA

    died at Wythe Co VA on (p) - - 1850 married on 4 - Apr - 1805

    married at Wythe Co VA


    The Said Anna Kinser was the child of
    Cross Reference Search »

    Michael Kintzer born on - - 1758 at PA

    died at Wythe Co VA on (a) 10 - Dec - 1822 and his ( 1st ) wife

    Elizabeth born on - Jun - 1765 at _______________

    died at Wythe Co VA on 22 - Feb - 1848 married on 4 - Sep - 1783

    married at (prob) Montgomery Co VA

    Associated Ancestor (Revolutionary) Record


    Ancestor #: A065446






    9 Nov 1822 WYTHE CO VIRGINIA

    Service Source:


    Service Description:


  7. THOMAS PASMERE was well educated, but did not want to participate in the family business for other brothers and sisters were heavily involved. When but twenty years old, THOMAS departed Plymouth England bound for the lands across the sea, arriving in Jamestown Virginia late 1627. Because of his age, THOMAS could not apply for a land grant. THOMAS found a small, unoccupied cave a short distance from Jamestown. He brought many supplies with him unknowing the future, and what it would bring. He managed to live throughout the winter in the relative comfort afforded inside the naturally insulated home. By trial and error he learned many different trapping methods that first winter, and managed to process a moderate number of valuable furs. By 1630 THOMAS had taken to wife, PRIDE, a Shawnee woman about eight years younger. To their union two children were born that survived, a son named TRADER, and a daughter named PASMERE

  8. Note: English name was Trader Carpenter.

    Amatoya Moytoy of Chota (pronounced mah-tie) was a Cherokee town chief of the early eighteenth century in the area of present-day Tennessee. He held a prominent position among the Cherokee, and held the hereditary title Ama Matai (From the French matai and Cherokee ama--water), which meant "Water Conjurer."

    Amatoya was taught by his father to “witch” for water with a willow stick. He had become so adept at water witching that the Cherokee called him "water conjurer" or Ama Matai (Ama is Cherokee for water). Ama Matai eventually became pronounced as Amatoya. It was later shortened to “Moytoy”, so he is known as Moytoy I. He ruled the town of Chota sometime between the beginning of the eighteenth century and 1730.

    In 1680, Amatoya married Quatsie of Tellico. Many of their descendants went on to become prominent leaders, founding a family that effectively ruled the Cherokee for a century.


    "Trader Carpenter", "Rain or Water Conjuror", "Amoadawehi", "Amahetai", "Head warrior of Tellico of the Overhills", "Trader"


    Headman of Tellico, Chief of all Cherokees in 1675, Full Blood Cherokee, Chief


    1/2 Chalakatha-Metis, native

  9. tells the indian story in regards to the painting "trustees in georgia"

    this along with and many other pages regarding indian heritage to the mcdaniels hooper, pasmeres is confusing! many people it seems have the names spelled wrong and mixed together as duplicates. i dont know if i have an 8 great grand uncle or 8th great grand father. lol. but does seem to connect through the lines somehow to the clan there.

    1. mc daniel's ,hoppers and essary family ,and grandmother mary dedie yerby,mary's mother was minnie essary.

  11. Deckard Name Meaning and History
    Variant of German Deckert.
    Deckert Name Meaning and History
    variant of Decker 1.
    from an old personal name, Tagahard, composed of Old High German tac ‘day’ + hart ‘strong’.

    Civil War Service-Are you a Facebook user? Add Deckert family facts to your Facebook profile. Deckert Civil War Service
    Deckert Veterans -Allegiance Total Veterans of
    the Civil War
    13 Confederate -1,050,000
    34 Union -2,213,363
    47 Combined -3,263,363
    Compiled by from the Civil War Service Records.

    Click on a number to view veteran service records

    The information for this chart came from the Military Records Collection at

  12. baron fitz warin!/pages/Baron-FitzWarin/143955528954371

  13. james barry stricklinFebruary 28, 2012 at 10:19 PM

    hi my name is james barry stricklin ,the son of shirly ann franks , her mother was mary deide yerby , her mother was minnie essary ,this is my great grandmother , and fromwhat i found i too am an tenn essary through the essary and yerby family

  14. Hello!

    I have been enjoying reading your blog.

    We appear to share two common ancestors: Thomas Pasmere Carpenter (1607-1675) and his wife, Elizabeth Pride Chalakahatha Shawnee (1615-1679).

    I am descended through his son, Trader Carpenter, aka Chief Amotoya (1640-1730). I'm not sure if the names are completely accurate.

    Thanks so much for the Carpenter ancestry going back to Thomas' ancestors in England. I sure appreciate all the work you have done!!

    So I think that we are distant cousins!!

    Take care, cuz!


    Amy Walker-Singh

    1. Hi! I am also a descendant of William David McDaniel and Sookie Hopper Moytoy. My line comes from their daughter Catherine (Katie) McDaniel who married John Jack Ward. Their daughter Susie Ward married William England. Their son Joseph married Sabra Cooper (which is another line of natives). Their daughter Louisa England married married David Suagee ( yet another line of natives). Their daughter Nellie Suagee married Claud Harner. And their daughter Buelah is my great-granny. :-)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Reannon Miller and Amy Walker-Singh if you would like your own separate pages within this blog please let me know so i can add your sections! :) thanks!

  15. my email is or you are all welcome to join the essary family group on facebook as well. I believe there may be a couple groups actually but I can also be found there where we have more family info as well. thanks to all the contributors and to all my long distance cousins for enjoying the blog and adding your own part of history here. :)