calvin m. prine mystery

I found a professional genealogist who said to me, take the mystery out of the search, there is usually a good explanation in finding ancestors. That genealogist is Robert Jerin who helped find a great grandmother's immigration and records to ellis island for me. That mystery is now solved on my father's side of the family. There is much more to that story but more on that later.

What stumps our family today is on my mother's side of the family  Calvin M. Prine has no parents!
Legend has it that he was found in the woods as a baby, by the indian hunters which were part of my family which we are still trying to prove as well...and no one can seem to figure out who his parents were or where he really came from.
so it will be always a mystery...according to my grandmother it may be true. however, there is still some doubt.

Do you have unsolved genealogy mysteries in your family?

here is a group on facebook that may be able to help you!
it is not my group but there are tons of helpful people there who are willing to try.

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