Polish Hungarian Family Tree this may not be the same family..names do not match...
not very reassuring for the rest of my research but strange too that others would have similar names. interesting? a whole other family? or a mystery....interesting for sure! be sure to check closely when comparing family trees where names may be similar but not a match. so far i have many with matching information with the following info below...

this census looks more correct!~

immigration boat document of maria jakab
this is my dads side of the family in a brief summary...from Poland and Hungary to New Jersey, Florida, and Kentucky...and of course, Iowa where I am.

my mom and dad helen c. essary jacobs and joseph j. jacobs jr.
joseph j. jacobs jr. parents are

joseph jacobs sr. and estelle(stella) sobka jacobs

parents of stella sobka -leon sobka sr.1880-1954 and wanda ciesielska1850-?

Leon Sobka, Sr 

Wanda Zofia Sobka (Ciesielska ) 

Death:February 10, 1940 (51)
Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, United States
Immediate Family:

ludwik ciesielska 

Birth:estimated between 1824 and 1884
Immediate Family:

Wanda Zofia Sobka (Ciesielska ) 

parents of wanda ciesielska- Ludwik ciesielska and paulina krupinska

parents of leon sobka sr.-antoni sobka 1842-?brwilno, parish radziwie, gostynin, poland and
franciszka fuz1840-? Radziwie, Gostynin, Poland

Franciszka Sobka (Fuz) 

Antoni Sobka 

franciszka fuz parents-piotr fuz sr. and maryanna nowak 1828Radziwie, Plock, Warszawa, Poland

antoni sobka parents-piotr sobka and malgorzata figiel

children of antoni and franciszka
1.leon sobka sr. married wanda ciesielska
2.wladyslawa sobka5jan 1884Brwilno, Parish Radziwie, Gostynin, Poland
3.katarzyna sobka1877 married jozef rapcewicz
4.felix sobka
5. stanislaw sobka
6.jozefa sobka
7.maryanna sobka1863 married
michal Kostrzewski 1857 Lipianki, Parish Duninów, Gostynin, Poland

Jozefa Krysiak (Sobka) 

Birth:September 27, 1867 
Death:August 5, 1932 (64)
Irvington, Essex County, New Jersey, United States
Immediate Family:
Added by:michelle jacobs-anderson on June 5, 2011
Managed by:Melissa Marie Meyer, and michelle jacobs-anderson (jacobs) « less

X-children of maryanna and michal are jan kostrzewski, andrzej, and wladyslaw

X-children of leon sobka sr and wanda ciesielska -walter sobka1926, emily sobka hodges1924, tony j. sobka1919-1997, eleanor sobka ferins1918, wanda sobka billington1914, frances sobka manzione 1911-1979, theresa sobka banach, stella sobka jacobs, lucille sobka udvarhely, leon sobka jr 1928 - sometime in the 70s, dorothy sobka billington.

Leon Sobka Jr. seems to have left town for California. His daughter is Wanda Taylor named after her grandmother. leon Sobka Jr. was my great uncle. we are on the search for information about him. Leon Freddie Sobka is listed from Newark, nj born 1928. Wanda Taylor (daughter of Leon Sobka Jr's) Wandas mothers maiden name was Marion Horan. Wanda Taylor also has a daughter Tanya Taylor. Thank you for the information Wanda and Tanya! :)

i believe this may be photos of Leon sobka jr.

omg. i must  have done so muh family tree work along with matches from others who added information i had no idea this was is a link to geni. a family tree website. with even more information than i have here, i am excited since i have more to add i hadnt been able to find before. . 

Leon F Sobka, Jr

Birthplace:New Jersey, United States 
Death:Died  in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California, United States
Immediate Family:

leon sobka sr. with childrens names mentioned.

Emily "Emilia" Hodges (born Sobka)
Birth: Circa 1924 - New Jersey, United States
Parents: Leon Sobka, Sr and Wanda Zofia Sobka (born Ciesielska)
Siblings: Cecelia, Teresa Czesława, Frances Eufonia, Estelle, Wanda Balbina, Dorathy, Eleanor A, Anthony J, Lucille C, Walter, Leon F and estelle

Walter Sobka

Birthplace:New Jersey, United States 
Immediate Family:

Anthony J Sobka

Also Known As:"Tony"
Birthplace:New Jersey, United States 
Death:Died  in Bellflower, Los Angeles County, California, United States
Immediate Family:

Eleanor A Ferins Warchol (Sobka)

Birthplace:New Jersey, United States 
Death:Died  in Belleville, Essex County, New Jersey, United States
Immediate Family:

Wanda Balbina Billington (Sobka)

Birthplace:New Jersey, United States 
Immediate Family:

Frances Eufonia Manzione (Sobka)

Also Known As:"Fanny", "Franciszka"
Birthplace:New Jersey, United States 
Death:Died  in Nutley, Essex County, New Jersey, United States
Immediate Family:

Teresa Czesława Sobka

Birthplace:Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, United States 
Death:Died  in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, United States
Immediate Family:

Cecelia Sobka 

Birth:circa 1909 
New Jersey, United States
Immediate Family:
Added by:Melissa Marie Meyer on December 31, 2014
Managed by:Melissa Marie Meyer

Lucille C Udvarhely (Sobka)

Also Known As:"Lucy"
Birthplace:New Jersey, United States 
Death:Died  in Essex County, New Jersey, United States
Immediate Family:
Managed by:michelle jacobs-anderson


someone sabotaged my geni tree mking my grandmother estelle have an unknown birthdate and email...ok dear aunt. i still have my own grandmothers information. it is not private, nor just for you. it is my family, my grandmother, babci and i have every right to add her to my own family tree for the sharing of information for my own children, family and grand children and extended family. ;) not just your mother, she was a beautiful person that many people loved. thanks.

estelle sobka jacobs

Birth:estimated between 1894 and 1946
Immediate Family:
Added by:michelle jacobs-anderson on June 5, 2011
Managed by:michelle jacobs-anderson (jacobs)

she was actually born in 1912 to leon sobka sr and wanda. died in 1999. place of rest in hollywood cemetery new jersey.

Dorathy Billington (Sobka) 

Birth:April 20, 1916 
New Jersey, United States
Death:June 15, 1997 (81)
Clifton, Passaic County, New Jersey, United States
Immediate Family:
Added by:michelle jacobs-anderson on June 5, 2011
Managed by:michelle jacobs-anderson (jacobs)

end Sobka family tree....
begin Jacobs family tree....

JACOBS---------- HUNGARIAN------------

joseph jacobs sr parents -frank and mary olaszka hungary---mary was found in an ellis island record as maria jakab and her father was listed with the last name takacs still in hungary

children of frank and mary -al jacobs, joseph jacobs sr., steve jacobs and mary jacobs major

children of joseph jacobs sr. and estelle sobka jacobs -joseph jacobs jr and elaine jacobs farrell.

i had been told a kind of crazy story of how my great grandfather had fled the country of hungary and found a passport on the boat to america which is how we got the last name jacobs. however that is pretty crazy and according to professional genealogy you have to take out the crazy stories and look at the facts. fact number one jacobs could have been spelled many different ways. fact number two the boat records to ellis island show one maria jakab with children. hmmm. another interesting fact about Hungary is how customs have Magyars(Hungarian) using their first name as their last name and their last name as their first name. another twist! so now i am wondering about checking out the fact that frank and mary jacobs may have been jakab and mary ferenz? and need to check into the ellis island records a little more before changing any information which seems to make sense that i have already found with the last name jakab. fun solving family mysteries eh? i am excited to at least check into it! more research ahead...However, here is what ancestry found on immigration records... :)


Frank Jacob's ship manifest:

Ferencz Jacab
Last place of residence: Olaszka
Date of arrival:03. 07. 1909.
Age: 37y, married
Whence he came: Wife Mary Jacab, Olaszka
Ship of Travel: Pennsylvania
Port of Departure: Hamburg

well thank you! that just took all the mystery out of my search! now if i can find the actual document i will add it here at a later time.
+++++++++++SOBKA PHOTOGRAPHS+++++++++++++

page 1 and 2 of Sobka Census 1930

Sobka family photos shown here my great grandfather leon sobka and his sister in poland.
back of a family photo above
after several translation attempts i believe it says for my dear brother from your dear or beloved sister
146 Irvine Turner Blvd • Newark, New Jersey 07103(Phone) 1-973-642-7961 • (Fax) 1-973-642-2295

Founded: 1889

St. Stanislaus Bishop/Martyr R. C. Church

A Parish of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark NJ
Rev. Fr. Bogumil Chrusciel, Pastor

Leon and Wanda Sobka my great grandparents who immigrated here from Poland. this is the actual church in which they were married in newark, new jersey in 1907. i found the immigration document from ellis island and through and facebook have found many more relatives all the way back to poland and am working on the family tree back to the 1700s! thanks to contacts found on i cannot seem to find him on the immigration ellis island records on a second look hmmm. and is it ciesielska  cause therre is no wanda on an immigration list by that name... i did find wanda czieselska ethnicity russia, polish last place of residence kiewi russia date of arrival march 20, 1907 age at arrival 19 gender female marital status single ship of travel statendam port of departure rotterdam, holland manifest line number 0030 pAGE 0224


some of my favorite photos of Estelle and Joseph Jacobs Sr. my grandparents. my role models. my grandma always said even if you have not one dollar walk tall and proud as though you had hundreds. she also said no crying. always smile. for when you smile the world smiles with you.
the photos shown are of my grandpa Joe.
and below is the story of my grandfather his baseball injury and a miracle recovery
my grandpa joe loved bowling.

the Newark Maples was a minor league pro baseball team. This is the only surviving information I have ever seen anywhere on the internet of this team. If anyone else has ever heard of them please contact me. i can imagine with the scribbled notes on the first page of the red and white flyer my Grandma Estelle, who always insisted we call her Babci, probably writing notes on the bus ride to another girl... 
me and my dad joseph j. jacobs jr. in new jersey a celebration of life and a tour of the big apple a once in a lifetime experience with my dad.
i am guessing this is a very old photo of my grandpa joe as a child.(bottom photo) i am have taken great pains to ensure it is handled properly so as to last possibly a few more generations! always wear gloves when viewing old family heirlooms and always keep them out of sunlight heat cold and moisture etc...i am learning how to preserve old photos and documents through the family genealogy center they have many great tips!

AND ON TO THE RESEARCH ON CONNECtions to my POLAND RELATIVES THANKS TO GOOGLE TRANSLATE AND ANCESTRY.COM and the extensive family tree on we have all found many links to relatives.|pl|thank%20you%20my%20dear%20cousin%20for%20the%20family%20pictures

Grażyna Nowak   -  dziękuję mój kuzyn kochany za zdjęcia rodziny

the Descendants_of_Wanda's_daughter_Kotocski_Marcjanny_Sobka and Michael Kotocski

Stanislaw Marks above
Zygmunt Marks of wife

I send you my pedigree my branch descended from Thomas and Marianna SobekKuminek think that decode coded system which a person starting with the oldestmember of a rou and then another cyferką is no. child from this marriage, please writeme what you want to know what you know will send you some pictures of people from this lineage
Yours Grazyna
Do najdroższa kuzyna,
Dzien dobry! thank you very much!
Wladyslaw Kotonski
Wanda Kotonska

1 Tomasz Sobka ur.około 1752 Brwilno,par. Radziwie zm . 24.05.1802 roku Brwilno,par. Radziwie żona Marianna (?-?)
1 Franciszek Sobka ur. 05.03.1887 Brwilno par. Radziwie
2 Benedykt Sobka ur.23.03.1789 Brwilno par. Radziwie wife Franciszka Toporska
3 Tomasz Sobka ur. 24.10.1791 Brwilno par. Radziwie
4 Maciej Sobka ur. 23.02.1794 Brwilno,par. Radziwe
5 Marianna Sobka ur.? Zm. 02.08.1789 Brwilno, par. Radziwie
6 Barbara Sobka ur 01.10.1801 Brwilno,par. Radziwie  husband Szymon Figiel marriage     2  .   20. 01.1818 Brwilno ,par. Radziwie

 1.2Benedykt Sobka   wife Franciszka Toporska marriage 21.10.1810 Brwilno, par. Radziwie
1Piotr Sobka ur. 12.06.1818 Brwilno, par. Radziwie  (baptism) żona Małgorzata Figiel ur około 1817 zm 11.12.1893 Brwilno par. Radziwie ślub03.12.1837 Brwilno, par Radziwie
2   Szczepan Sobka ur.? Zm. 1849 Brwilno, par. Radziwie
3  Katarzyna Sobka ur 29.08.1826 Brwilno, par Radziwie husbend Franciszek Kwiatkowski son Piotr i Katarzyna Przymur marriage 1850 Brwilno, par. Radziwie
4 Maciej Sobka died 1847 Brwilno par. Radziwie  wife N.N.
5 Józefa Sobka born 18.02.1816 Brwilno,died 1895 Brwilno, par. Radziwie  husbend Wojciech(Albert) Figiel born 23.04.1807 died 1846  Brwilno,par. Radziwie marriage 1833 Brwilno, par. Radziwie
6 Paweł Sobka born 1830 Brwilno par. Radziwie died 1832 Brwilno, par. Radziwie
7 Marianna Sobka born  /05.1811 Brwilno, par. Radziwie died 13.08.1811 Brwilno par Radziwie
8 Antonina born 15.01.1811.died 07.03.1811 Brwilno par. Radziwie
9 Stanisław Sobka born 05.05.1812 Brwilno par. Radziwie
1.2.1.Piotr Sobka i Małgorzata Figiel daugher Maciej Figiel born 27.09.1769 died 22.11.1851 Brwilno par. Radziwie i Agnieszka Nicek born? Died 1826
1         Marcjanna born 08.01.1839 husbend Michał Kotoński born 1837 Moździerz, par. Radziwie son Jan iMarianna Karamaz marriagr 03.02.1857 Brwilno par. Radziwie
2         Katarzyna born 1851 died 1876 Brwilno par. Radziwie
3         Marianna born 1846 died 1885 Brwilno par. Radziwie husband Józef Figiel born 1848 died 1903 Brwilno, par. Radziwie son Kazimierz ?-1903 Brwilno par. Radziwie I Anna Nowicka ?_ 1872 par. Radziwie  marriage 1869 par. Radziwie
4         Jan born 1855 Brwilno par. Radziwie wife Helena Ziółkowska daugher Tomasz i Katarzyna Nyckowska
5         Jakub born 1858 died 1866 Brwilno par. Radziwie
6         Józefa born 1844 Brwilno par Radziwie husband Wawrzyniec Żółtowski born 1840 died 1885 Brwilno par. Radziwie son Stanisław ?-died 1851 Brwilno par Radziwie i Rozalia Chmiel born ? died 1863 Brwilno par. Radziwie marriage 1862 Brwilno par. Radziwie
7         Antoni born 15.01.1842 Brwilno par. Radziwie wife Franciszka Fuz born 1840 par. Radziwie daugher Piotr i Marianna Nowak marriage 1862 par. Radziwie
1.2.3.Katarzyna Sobka + Franciszek Kwiatkowski
1  Stanisław born 1864 Brwilno par. Radziwie
2  Władysław born 1862 Brwilno par. Radziwie
3  Wiktoria born 1867 Brwilno par. Radziwie
4  Marianna born 1858 Brwilno par. Radziwie
5  Elżbieta born?-died 1856 Brwilno par. Radziwie
6  Franciszka born 1852 died 1853 Brwilno par. Radziwie

1.2.5.Józefa Sobka + Wojciech Figiel
1         Antoni born 1842 Brwilno par Radziwie
2         Antonina born 1839 Brwilno par Radziwie
3         Marianna died 1847 Brwilno par. Radziwie
4         Jadwiga born 1834 Brwilno par. Radziwie Marcjanna+ Michał Kotoński
1         Franciszka born 27.09.1857 Soczewka, par. Radziwie died 02.10.1935 Soczewka, par. Radziwie
2         Konstancja born 18.02.1860 Moździerz,par. Radziwie died 02.09.1883 Moździerz, par. Radziwie
3         Jan born 27.01.1862 Moździerz,par. Radziwie died 13.01.1932 Soczewka, par. Radziwie
4         Paulina born 11.06.1864 Moździerz,par. Radziwie died 15.08.1925 Soczewka, par. Radziwie
5         Józef born 10.03.1866 Moździerz,par. Radziwie died 15.05.1881 Moździerz,par. Radziwie
6         Wanda born 15.08.1870 died 24.02.1948 Soczewka, par. Radziwie
7         Marcin born 28.10.1872 Moździerz,par Radziwie died 24.06.1874 Moździerz, par Radziwie
8         Stefan born 06.04.1875 Moździerz,par. Radziwie died 19.06.1883 Moździerz, par. Radziwie
9         Stanisław born 26.04.1878 Moździerz,par. Radziwie
10     Władysław born 07.06.1868 Moździerz,par. Radziwie died 07.05.1939 Soczewka,par. Radziwie
11     Marcjanna born 28.12.1882 Moździerz, par. Radziwie died 1882 Moździerz, par. Radziwie Kotońska + Hieronim Marks born29.09.1859 Płock died 08.10.1913 Soczewka  son Antoni (1835-? Płock) i Joanna Sokołowska (1834- ? Płock) marriage 14.08.1884 Soczewka,par. Radziwie
1         Marianna born 22.06.1885 Soczewka,par. Radziwie died 05.05.1948 Chicago
2         Antonina born 17.01.1887 Soczewka,par. Radziwe died 07.06.1904 Soczewka,par Radziwie
3         Antoni born 28.10.1888 Soczewka, par. Radziwie died 24.09.1955 Chicago
4         Zofia born 25.03.1890 Soczewka,par. Radziwie died 01.08.1973 Chicago
5         Zygmunt born 02.05.1892 Soczewka,par. Radziwie died 08.1966 Chicago
6         Julia born 1894 Płock died ? Warszawa
7         Franciszek born 14.02.1896 Soczewka par. Radziwie born 04.06.1896 Soczewka, par. Radziwie
8         Stanisław Łukasz born 24.06.1898 died 1914 Brwilno, par. Radziwie
9         Albina 22.01.1901 Brwilno,par. Radziwie died 06.12.1986 Kruk ,Gostynin (hospital) +Juliusz Fennig born 16.01.1877 Gostynin ewangelik died ? Chicago son Karl(1854-?) I Teofila Paszke (1858-?) marriage 16.09.1916 Chcago ,primo voto Juliusz + Emma Fritz b.16.11.1880 Gostynin children Juliusz+ Emma =Emma Eliza b.1907 Gostynin d. 1976 Warszawa marriage 19.04.1906 Gostynin duo voto Juliusz + Marianna marriage 16.09.1916 Chicago
Children Juliusz i Marianna:
1         Helena born 01.08.1910 Chicago died 01.05.1984 Chicago
2         Otto born 16.12.1912 Chicago died 15.07.2000 Berwyn
3         Leokadia born 08.11.1911 Chicago died 03.08.1912 Chicago Antoni +Mary Marks born 1897
1         Wanda born 11.09.1924 Chicago
2         Adelin born 1926 + Jan Skrzypczak born 1866 Polska primo voto Carrie Skrzypczak children :
1          Erwin born 1915 Chicago died 1983 Cochise
2          Dr. Zygmunt born 31.01.1916 Chicago died 23.12.2003 Chicago
Duo voto Zofia + Jan marriage 29.12.1919 Chicago Children:
      3Chester born 05.12.1922 Chicago died? + Michalina Dziemanowicz
Marriage 02.02.1918 Chicago
1         Daughter
2         Son Julia + Aleksander Kozłowski born 1894 par. Radziwie died ? Warszawa son Stanisław i Rozalia Kwiatkowska
1            dr Helena born 08.05.1924  died ? Warszawa + Józef Jarzebski born 18.03.1902 Brwilno, par. Radziwie died 01.03.1982 Soczewka, par. Soczewka son Władysław b.1870 Bronowo sady par. Trzepowo died 1929 Soczewka par. Radziwie i Anna Grzegorzewska b 1880 Warszawa died 1958 Soczewka par. Soczewka Albina i Józef marriage 24.11.1922 Soczewka par. Soczewka
1          Bolesław died after giving brith
2          Władysław died after giving brith
3          Urszula born 29.04.1927 Soczewka,par Radziwie died 16.10.2009 Głuchołazy woj. Opole
4          Ryszard born 13.12.1932 Soczewka, par. Radziwie died 23.05.1935 Helena Fennig +Wojciech (Albert) Alwin born 1907 Chicago marriage 1929 Chicago
1         Alice born 26.08.1934 Chicago
2         Geraldin born 1945 Chicago
3         Cynthia born 07.1954 Chicago Otto Fennig + Maria Gottrich
1          Franciszka
2          Karl Marks + Samuel Schwartz
Marriage 24.06.1958 Cook, Illinois, USA Skrzypczak + Kazimiera born 07.09.1916 died 01.12.2006Chicago Zygmunt Skrzypczak + Olga Wesołowska born 23.09.1914 Chicago died 01.01.1980 Chicago marriage 07.10.1940 Chicago + Władysława + płk. Bronisław Kujawa
1           dr.Marek Jacek Kujawa Jarzębska + Aleksander Matwiejew born 18.02.1920 Słupca died 08.04.1995 Głuchołazy province Opole son Filip Matwiejew (1880 – 1924 Słupca Provence Wielkopolska) i Emma Eichhorst (1889- 1927 Słupca Provence Wielkopolska) marriage 01.02.1948 Głuchołazy, Provence Opole
1         Bogumił Ryszard born 25.08.1948 died 25.03.1951 Głuchołazy prov.Opole
2         Grażyna Jadwiga born 1952 Głuchołazy,prov.Opole
3         Andrzej Filip born 1954 Głuchołazy prov. Opole
4         Bożena born.1957 Głuchołazy, prov.Opole
5         Waldemar Józef born 1962 Głuchołazy, prov. Opole
6         Aldona born 1970 Głuchołazy ,prov.Opoleżyna Matwiejew + Jan Nowak born 1943 Sokolina par. Sokolina son Stefan( 1907-1970) i Stanisława Radosz(1910-1987) marriage 21.10.1970
1         Lucyna Pelagia born 1970 Głuchołazy ,prov. Opole
2         Krzysztofa Sławomira born 1973 Głuchołazy prov. Opole   Andrzej Filip Matwiejew + Bożena Piechowiak born 21.01.1956 Głuchołazy,prov.Opole died30.01.2007.Głuchołazy,prov. Opole  daugher N.N. i Bronisława Wojtas (1926-2010)
1             Krzysztof born 1978 Głuchołazy ,prov. Opole
2             Anna born 1979 Głuchołazy,prov Opole
3             Piotr born 1986 Głuchołazy, prov. Opole        Bożena Matwiejew + Jerzy Bębenek born 1952 Głuchołazy, prov.Opole marriage 02.07.1983 Głuchołazy,prov.Opole
Childless Józef Matwiejew + Maria Szyszlak born 1967 Jasionka par. Jasionka prov. Krosno daugher (Edward 1931-1990) i Helena Hłap (1932) marriage 1987 Jasionka
1          Norbert Aleksander born 1987 Krosno ,prov Krosno
2          Mirosław Edward born 1989 Krosno,prov.Krosno        Aldona Matwiejew + Mariusz Roman Lewicz born 1959

1          Julia born 2002 Głuchołazy ,prov. Opole Pelagia Nowak + Sławomir Hahn born 1969 Głuchołazy, prov. Opole son Gerard(1937) i Wiesława Żaczkowska(1936) marriage 26.12.1991 Głuchołazy,prov.Opole
1              Dariusz born 1992 Głuchołazy, prov. Opole
2              Grzegorz born 1996 Głuchołazy, prov. Opole Sławomira Nowak + Marian Rał born 1969 Głuchołazy, prov. Opole son Jerzy (1935-2002) i Bogumiła Goc (1938-1989) marriage 05.06.1992 Głuchołazy ,prov. Opole
1          Wioleta Agnieszka born 1995 Głuchołazy,prov. Opole
2          Aleksa Wiktoria born 2000 Głuchołazy, prov. Opole         Anna Matwiejew + Piotr Czerwonka born 1980 son Władysław i Anna Kurzyńska  marriage 2006 Głuchołazy, prov.Opo
1       Jakub born 2006 Głuchołazy, prov. Opole

Hi Michelle!
Unfortunately, we have to cope with the translator so how can something beincomprehensible to write please. I am sending you a picture where they are: SisterAnthony Sobek - Marcjanna with her ​​husband Kotońska (Kotonska) do not know if yourcomputer displays I've included more by Polish transcription in parenthesis beside the English version of her husband Michael and their daughter Kotoński Wanda and herhusband Andrew and their children Tepurski Edmund,
Maria (with her ​​husband Sulkowska), Anselm (with husband Szadkowska) and Bogumil(with her ​​husband Waśniewska) I wrote a small doses so as not to stir. Please write to me at this address.
Yours Grazyna

Grazyna i love the myheritage family tree that has linked our families together with help from maciek. thank you! 

here is a youtube video of the borders of Poland(grancie polski)always fascinating to learn a bit about our history by geography and how times have changed.


  1. found this on! thanks to nowak561 who posted on the message board there as follows:

    Anthony Sobka was the brother of my 2x great-grandmother in Brwilno Marcjanny b.08.01.1839, parish Radziwie, were children of Peter and Margaret 1818-1902 and 1817-1893 Piotr Figiel and Margaret married in 1837 wBrwilno, par Radziwie had 7 children: Marcjanna, Catherine, Marianna, John, James, Joseph, Anthony I have developed this branch until 1752 Tomasz Sobek oldest of Sobków Simon Figiel and 1734-the oldest of Figli if you're interested to speak with an e-mail

  2. I love it! i found distant relatives and new information :)

  3. wonder how i make the comments bigger??

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    anyone else have info on the ciesielski families listed here?

  7. Mezokovesd's church records in LDS-Mormons

    Arvai, Jozsef Mezokovesd 2 1905 1907
    Arvai, Jozsefne Mezokovesd 29 1878 1907
    Arvai, Borbala Mezo Kovesd, Hungary 13 1911 1924
    Arvai, Janos Mezokarast 24 1881 1905
    Arvai, Josefne Mezo Kovesd, Hungary 36 1888 1924
    Takacs, Istvan Mezokovesd, Hungary 24 1884 1908
    Takacs, Jozsef Mezokovesd, Hungary 18 1892 1910
    Takacs, Katalin Mezokovesd, Hungary 32 1880 1912
    Takacs, Mihaly Mezokovesd, Hungary 34 1887 1921
    Takacs, Pal Mezokovesd, Hungary 33 1877 1910
    Takacs, Pal Mezokovesd 30 1877 1907
    Takars, Andras Mezokovesd, Hungary 40 1874 1914
    Hungary's phone book
    some info i am reposting with the name takacs to research later. may be distant relatives~

  8. as found on and reposted here.
    If you are researching or a descendant of this family, please contact me.

    1210. Maryanna5 SOBKA (1209.Franciszka4, 1140.Piótr, Sr.3, 1139.Jan, Sr.2, 1.Dominik1) was born 10 September 1863 in Brwilno, Parish Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland, and was christened 13 September 1863 in Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland. She was the daughter of Antoni SOBKA and Franciszka FUZ. She married Michał KOSTRZEWSKI 28 January 1883 in Brwilno, Parish Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland. He was born about 1857 in Lipianki, Parish Duninów, Gostyńin, Poland. He was the son of Franciszek KOSTRZEWSKI and Jadwiga STOLIŃSKA.
    Known children of Maryanna SOBKA and Michał KOSTRZEWSKI are:
    1211. m i. Jan KOSTRZEWSKI, born 20 December 1883 in Sendeń Duży, Parish Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland, christened 23 December 1883 in Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland, died in infancy 25 January 1885 in Sendeń Duży, Parish Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland, and was buried 26 January 1885 in Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland.
    + 1212. m ii. Andrzej KOSTRZEWSKI, born 18 November 1885, died before July 1992.
    1217. m iii. Władysław KOSTRZEWSKI, born 7 July 1887 in Sendeń Duży, Parish Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland, christened 12 July 1887 in Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland.
    1218. m iv. Franciszek KOSTRZEWSKI, born 10 July 1889 in Sendeń Duży, Parish Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland, christened 11 August 1889 in Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland, died in infancy 22 August 1889 in Sendeń Duży, Parish Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland, and was buried 25 August 1889 in Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland.
    1219. m v. Antoni KOSTRZEWSKI, born 13 January 1891 in Sendeń Duży, Parish Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland, christened 18 January 1891 in Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland, died in infancy 30 January 1891 in Sendeń Duży, Parish Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland, and was buried 31 January 1891 in Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland.
    1220. f vi. Stanisława KOSTRZEWSKA, born 2 May 1892 in Sendeń Duży, Parish Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland, christened 6 May 1892 in Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland.
    1221. m vii. Stanisław KOSTRZEWSKI, born 22 March 1897 in Sendeń Duży, Parish Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland, christened 25 March 1897 in Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland, died in infancy 31 July 1897 in Sendeń Duży, Parish Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland, and was buried 2 August 1897 in Radziwie, Gostyńin, Poland.

  9. as found on by email...
    Anthony Sobka was the brother of my 2x great-grandmother in Brwilno Marcjanny b.08.01.1839, parish Radziwie, were children of Peter and Margaret 1818-1902 and 1817-1893 Piotr Figiel and Margaret married in 1837 wBrwilno, par Radziwie had 7 children: Marcjanna, Catherine, Marianna, John, James, Joseph, Anthony I have developed this branch until 1752 Tomasz Sobek oldest of Sobków Simon Figiel and 1734-the oldest of Figli if you're interested to speak with an e-mail

  10. after listening to albinyana jarzebska on google translate it sounds more like albina and anna. jarzebska is not found on many searches. i did find a jastrzebska
    possibly the name was shortened after immigrating to the US. i will check on the website for more possible matches. birth and death dates would help to find this name.


    elzbieta and albinyana are a little bit close in sound possibly? i will try again tomorrow...


    more names on us people search that may sound the albinyana

  13. sobka link i have found on the internet today.

  14. thank you again to those genealogy experts and professionals and family and friends who have helped in translating and helping find records. Your generosity is very much appreciated!

  15. welcome tanya and wanda! my long lost second and third cousins~

  16. We have done (my daughter myself and my mother have done the 23andme dna test.) We have found many "matches"
    Long lost cousins. However 23andme only.goes back to 4th or 5th might be a better option for a test as it links directly to matches there also.
    My daughter as a great researcher found census records and boat records for the jacobs or jacob side of our family. Hence solving a roadblock to my prior research